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Beyond 7-Figures
Leadership Mastermind

The growth community for B2B entrepreneurs

Abundant Leader

What if Leaders led
From Abundance?

And focused on building authentic relationships with their team?

What if they had the courage to admit they didn’t have all the answers?

And were willing to let go of their ego to chase a better version of themselves?

And be the leader their team deserves?

That’s when we can create a better world, one leader at a time with the Beyond 7-Figures Leadership Mastermind.

About You

If you’re a SaaS Founder, CEO, Expert, or Business Owner who

  • Has at least 10 full-time employees,
  • Makes between $1M and $3M in annual revenue

And wants to:

  • Take your business to the next level
  • Gain clarity on your vision
  • Connect with like-minded leaders
  • Invest and bring out the best in your team
  • Develop a well-oiled machine
  • Reach $5-10M+ annual revenue

This is the community for you.

Join us on this journey of growth and transformation, and tap into the support of leaders like you.

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Who Is This For Mastermind

Your Challenges

You’ve achieved product-market fit, a solid
business foundation, and talented team, but…

  • Your work-life balance is non-existent.

  • Your operations are not scaling.

  • You have too many “people problems.”

  • You’ve reached your capacity to “get things done.”

  • Your long-term vision is fuzzy.

  • You’re overwhelmed with decision overload.

  • You’re not showing up as your best to your team.

  • Your team is not on the same page.

  • You’re seeing accountability problems.

  • You’re questioning if you hired the right talent.

  • You’re even questioning if this path is for you.

Our Solution

The Beyond 7-Figures
Leadership Mastermind
is your
gateway to steady growth. We
don’t just help you scale your
operations – we empower you to
transform your business,
leadership, and life.

You’ll finally gain clarity on the
bigger picture, grow your
confidence, and execute to scale
by engaging your whole team.

We do this through…

A Community of Founders…

to share experiences, make meaningful connections, and make decisions faster.

Live Training for your Team…

to get everyone on the same page and scale your team’s capacity alongside growth.

Private 1-1 Coaching…

to overcome personal obstacles and execute strategies that scale you and your business.

Referral Networks…

to get access to investors, possible partners, and services to grow.

Key Outcomes

As a result of participating in the Beyond 7-Figures
Leadership Mastermind,
you will:

  • Accelerate the path to the next stage

    by shifting to 80% of you time focused on growth (instead of 80% of your time “in of the weeds.”)

  • Scale revenue without scaling costs

    by increasing your team’s capacity and productivity.

  • Increase retention and contribution of talent

    by improving employee engagement.

How It Works

How it works


Entrepreneurship can often feel like a lonely journey, but it doesn’t
have to be.

Tap into a powerful community of like-minded founders that can
help you make better decisions faster and offer the guidance you
need to thrive.

We provide:

  • Group Coaching for Founders. Twice-per-week group sessions for coaching and problem-solving.
  • Quarterly Founder Retreats. Half-day, virtual group retreats for resetting, reflecting, and goal setting.
  • Private Slack Community. A space to celebrate wins, create accountability, and ask for help.
How It Works

How it works


As a Founder, getting stuck in “analysis paralysis” or emotionally-charged decisions can slow you down. Private coaching helps you unblock the path and move forward.

We provide:

  • Private 1-1 Coaching. Once per month 45-minute sessions to tackle your obstacles head-on.
  • Coaching Guidebooks for Founders. Self-guided programs develop your leadership skills and help you achieve specific outcomes.

How it works


Founders need their teams to “figure it out” and “go run with it”—freeing their mental bandwidth to focus on growth. We train middle managers and individual contributors to take work off the Founder’s plate.

We provide:

  • Entrepreneurial Leader Training Track. Monthly virtual group training for Product, Sales, Success, and Operations leaders. Sample Topics:
    • How To Effectively Report Progress
    • How To Implement OKRs
    • How To Delegate to Increase Performance and Trust
  • Entrepreneurial Expert Training Track. Monthly virtual group training for Individual Contributors, Team Leads, and Subject Matter Experts. Sample topics:
    • How To Make Decisions Autonomously with Confidence
    • How To Manage Your Boss
    • How To Own Your Role and Increase Your Agency
Referral Network

How it works

Referral Networks

Scale your operations faster by developing your referral network with the right experts. With each participating Founder, the collective value of the network grows.

We facilitate:

  • Customer Networks. Get introduced to your ideal customers and partners.
  • Investor Networks. Connect with angels and VCs that invest at your stage.
  • Service Provider Networks. Meet service providers who can help you build (at preferred rates), including:
  • Growth marketing services
  • Sales training and sales leadership
  • Product coaching and advisory
  • Finance, accounting, and CFO advisory
  • Recruiter services
  • Personal branding services
  • Executive assistant recruitment services
Referral Network

Your Time

Founders meet with their groups up to eight (8) sessions per month.

Founders meet 1-1 with their coach for 45 minutes.

You invest 8.75 hours per month.

Our typical client saves over 40 hours every month with our
coaching and training programs.

= 4.5x ROI on time

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12-month membership

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Are You Ready to Invest in “You”?

And become the visionary your team needs to thrive?
To forge deep, authentic connections with your team members
And foster a culture of trust, growth, and success?
Are you ready to tap into your innate strengths and values
And inspire and empower your team to do the same?
Join the Beyond 7-Figures Leadership Mastermind today
And become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

If you have any questions, get in touch and ask away.

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