Beyond 7-Figures
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Elevate Your Leadership Mindset. Ignite
Remarkable Growth In Business And Beyond.

Are you tired of spending hours listening to leadership podcasts or reading books only to find their lessons impossible to implement?

So caught up in your day-to-day that focusing on strategic goals takes a back seat? Want to scale your business to brave heights without losing sight of what’s important?

Join our Beyond 7-Figures Leadership Mastermind and receive 1:1 coaching, live group training, and access to a wealth of resources designed to help you empower your team, clarify your goals, make time for the things that matter, and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

  • Transform your leadership style
  • Nurture happier, more productive teams
  • Learn from other founders, COOs, CEOs, and emerging leaders
  • Smash your business growth goals
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Sparking Leadership Success.

Our revolutionary leadership coaching and training programs have helped 70+ leaders
across 26 companies delegate more, stress less, and build a well-oiled 
machine. Here’s what they had to say.

Max Friedman

Max Friedman

CEO & Co-founder

Washington, DC

“I have so much more confidence in what we are doing. Had I not gone through this work, I wouldn’t have taken the risk of adding additional members to my team.”

Chris May

Chris May

Founder & CEO

Quadrant Advisory
Washington, DC

"Our revenues increased 85% year over year, we have a core management team in place, and we have a new business partner. I’m no longer working 60+ hours a week (stressful hours to boot), and we are now focusing on growth and increasing profit margins."

Sahil Rahman

Sahil Rahman


Washington, DC

"Personally, I now feel way less stressed. We're making far more progress than before and our working dynamic as a team has gotten stronger. We're moving faster toward our goals—and it feels like we're working in flow, as opposed to in friction."

Big Wins From Our Clients.

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