Leading At Scale


The 2-Day Team Intensive to Improve Communication,
Better Engage Your Team & Save 10+ Hours Per Week.

Do you feel like you’re more of a firefighter than a leader? That you’re wearing too many hats and constantly tackling a to-do list that never gets done? That you don’t know what to focus on or where to go next?

This series of live leadership training workshops will help you implement time-saving techniques and start delegating your workload immediately. During the course, you’ll walk away with a completed tactical playbook that will free up more hours each week and move the dial on larger organizational outcomes.

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This program will help you:

  • Quickly execute key lessons in a structured manner
  • Align your team around strategic goals and outcomes
  • Delegate without sacrificing quality
  • Communicate more clearly (saving you time)
  • Refocus your time to the “big picture”

Sparking Leadership Success.

Our revolutionary leadership coaching and training programs have helped 70+ leaders
across 26 companies delegate more, stress less, and build a well-oiled 
machine. Here’s what they had to say.

Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz


Washington, DC

“Chase is a real-life problem solver. We got real, tangible outcomes and real, actionable advice in a way that is scalable across a team.”

Sarah Frimpong

Sarah Frimpong

CEO & Founder

Wellfound Foods
Washington, DC

“We now have a shared language around delegation and time. We’re spending a lot less time spinning our wheels, and we’re just executing on our plans.”

Alexa Kade

Alexa Kade


Alexandra, VA

"Chase is a rockstar and if you're even thinking about needing a course like this - run... do not walk to the start of the program. You won't regret it!"

Big Wins From Our Clients.

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