Free Webinar: 5 Weeks to Freedom

How Agency Owners Can (Finally) Get Out of the Weeds and Focus on Growth

Reclaim Your Time
Stop spending most of your day putting out fires
Amplify Your Impact
Lean into your potential spending reclaimed time on high-value tasks
Set & Track Targets

Define success and monitor outcomes so your team performs

Go From Losing Half of Your Day Reacting to Actually Growing Your Agency

For many agency owners, the hardest part of scaling is simply finding the time to prioritize the things you need to do to scale.

It seems easy enough — obvious, even — but anyone who has gone through this process understands it’s exactly the opposite.

Human at Scale created this free webinar to give founders and owners like you a five week path to freedom — to reclaim their time to focus on what they do best, without worrying about declines in operational output.



This webinar will show you how to escape the weeds, step-by-step, in just 5 weeks.


 This webinar is not fluffy. We will waste no time getting right into the heart of the issue, this chicken-and-egg problem that we all face when it comes to scaling.

To give you a sneak peek, here’s a glance and how we’ve helped hundreds of leaders work get on the other side of being in “reaction mode” most of the day:

Week 1: Optimize Team Energy

Week 2: Build Success Scorecard

Week 3: Implement Responsibility Scorecard

Week 4: Align Team Expectations

Week 5: Coach Team to Success


What You’ll Learn in this Webinar


Audit & reclaim your time


Identify your top priorities

Set targets for your team

Get equivalent performance

I’m Chase Damiano. And I’ve Felt Your Pain.

I started my entreprenuerial journey by building a national coffee brand from the ground up to 7-figures.

But despite a successful exit, I had to fight my way through every scaling challenge in the book.

This experience drove me to pursue a new direction and passion—helping others become inspiring and successful leaders.

 Human At Scale is a leadership development company that helps purpose-driven leaders elevate their teams to scale their businesses. I’ve since

guided hundreds of leaders—founders, executives, and managers alike—to improved financials, happier teams, and more time to live life.

Meet Chase

Even if you’ve “tried everything” and feel like you’ll be stuck in the day-to-day forever — this framework was made for you.

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or where you’re going —
We can help you be the leader people love to work for.

3 Steps to Getting Out of the Weeds for Good

Sign up and show up for the free, value-packed webinar
Take in the practical insights from a proven framework
Immediately begin incorporating your new discoveries

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the webinar?

90 minutes.

Will there be a recording?

Yes, sign up for the webinar and we’ll send you the recording after.

Who is this webinar for?

You’re an agency owner or professional service provider in the early-stages. You’re earning about 500K to 3M in revenue and have a headcount around 3-10. You’re struggled with time management, delegation, and processes in the past, and you seek an intuitive, human-centered solution that you and your team will love.

Also, bring your executive leadership and managers! You know the pathway to freedom is counting on high performance and commitment from your team.

What will I gain from attending?

You’ll leave with strategies to free up your time, scale your team, and achieve your vision. These strategies are rooted in biology, behavioral psychology, and team dynamics.

Will you be hard selling us something?

Absolutely not. This is a free webinar series. I’ll give you everything I can for free. If you need more help, I will show you what that looks like. No pressure.

What if I have more questions?

Write to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Ask away!

Hear From Rejuvenated Leaders

Josh Simmons

Josh Simmons

Co-Founder & CTO

Phin Security
Newark, DE

“We launched a huge release that had been dragging. Some of the biggest delegations to the team. Now, we’re on track to the next future release early in our best financial month ever.”

Marcy Ewald

Marcy Ewald

Co-Founder & COO

Washington, DC

"The tools Human at Scale developed are things we can use time after time. We were able to take one of their frameworks and apply it to a totally different problem and still see results, while teaching the rest of our team do the same!"

Alexa Kade

Alexa Kade


Alexandra, VA

"Chase is a rockstar and if you're even thinking about needing a course like this - run... do not walk to the start of the program. You won't regret it!"

Stop Fighting to Grow Your Agency While Being Stuck in the Weeds

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