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Be intentional with your time

Chase Damiano
12 min read
Be intentional with your time

As a leader, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business, leaving little time for growth, development, and embodying the cultural expectations of your company.

When you’re in the thick of the day-to-day, that’s where your mind lives. You’re preoccupied with managing the daily operations of your team; juggling customer relationships, making short-term decisions, and figuring out when to schedule meetings.

Why should you care?

Leaders who distance themselves from the operational weeds can:

  1. Choose their destiny: You can decide who you want to be and what impact you want to make.
  2. Inspire others: By leading through example, you can attract others to your vision.
  3. Unleash potential: You can foster growth in yourself and others, unlocking exciting new possibilities.

Entrepreneurship is all-consuming. It’s a 24/7 rollercoaster, especially in the early days. Whether you’re bootstrapping or being prudent with your capital, it’s tempting to throw all your time at problems, hoping to figure things out. While this works for a while, there comes a point when you realize you’re doing more heavy lifting than anyone else on your team.

How to shift gears?

It starts with understanding that developing oneself is within an individual’s capability. And success is not just about improving business metrics. It’s not about growing your finances. It’s not about saving time.

New Leadership is about proactively choosing who you want to be.

The traditional approach to leadership development was focused on one-way communication through slide decks, gurus, coaches, presenters, or those with more knowledge, experience, wisdom, and insight. But true leadership development is about giving ourselves the space to make choices that shape who we become.

The same thing goes with meditation. You can read a book on meditation, listen to podcasts on meditation, download an app to help you meditate, hire a coach to teach you how to meditate, attend a conference about meditation, and spend your money on cushions, clothing and statues to help with meditation.

And all of this is different than simply sitting and meditating.

Be intentional with your time

One of the most impactful choices is how we use our time—not just work hours, but all waking hours. Why? Leadership isn’t only about guiding your team; it’s about how we live our life.

Get intentional with your time using the Ideal Workday Planner.

This tool helps you structure your week with intention, so you can commit to an intentional work schedule that integrates work with life. Plus, see examples of how other leaders structure their work week below.

We hear consistent feedback that this one tool has helped leaders grow their revenue, focus on high priority items, delegate more, and build morale across the team.

We look forward to supporting you on your leadership journey.

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