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Short insights on management

Chase Damiano
11 min read
Short insights on management

Yesterday morning, I woke up, ran the dog, and ran errands—all the while ruminating on my to-do’s, aggravated that traffic was picking back up again in my area and I was having to wait too long at the lights.

Most weeks, writing this newsletter is an absolute pleasure and joy. This particularly busy week, a bit less so.

Oftentimes in all the hustle, we miss opportunities to sit and enjoy the moment. So this is me giving myself permission to slow down and enjoy this process—instead of just hurrying up and “getting it done.” And in doing so, I’m keeping it brief and sharing the most valuable resources on management, results, and success that I’ve consumed lately.

Where in your work are you simply grinding it out and missing an opportunity to enjoy the process?

Latest Learnings

🍏 1/ Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, sharing his philosophy on managing people: “You have to be run by ideas, not hierarchies.The best ideas have to win, otherwise good people don’t stay.” He adds, “There’s tremendous teamwork at the top of the company, which filters down to tremendous teamwork throughout the company. Teamwork is dependent on trusting the other folks to come through with their part without watching them all the time.”

​✅ 2/ Organizational researchers and professors Raffaella Sadun (HBS), Nicholas Bloom (Stanford), and John Van Reenen (Sloan) share why operational excellence, not just strategy, leads to more sustainable long-term results. The gist? Firms with better core managerial practices are more profitable, grow faster, live longer, innovate better, attract more talent, and foster greater worker well-being.

​⏰ 3/ Bill Gross, Founder of incubator Idealab in 1996, shares his greatest insight on startup success after nearly 20 years in the business: “Execution matters a lot. The idea matters a lot. But timing might matter even more. And the best way to assess timing is to look at whether consumers are really ready for what you have to offer them—and to be really, really honest about it, and not in denial about any results that you see.”

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