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Get A Customized Action Plan For
Your Business That Gets You Out Of The Day-to-Day And Scales Your Team.

We’ll evaluate your specific pain points and outline an actionable plan to scale
and streamline your operations. You’ll leave our call feeling clear
and confident on what to do next.

You’re In Good Company

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To schedule your FREE Strategy Session
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Here’s what we’ll cover in our
Strategy Session:

  • Evaluate

    You complete a comprehensive questionnaire. We assess your company across 9 dimensions, spanning personal productivity, team vision and alignment, systems and processes, and more. You receive a report highlighting what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Interview

    We learn about you and your business: your goals, your situation, and the roadblocks standing in your way.

  • Deliver

    We deliver a clear, actionable roadmap to achieve your goals and scale your team.

You’ll Walk Away From Your Session With:

  • Clear Next Steps

    You’ll get a game plan and feel excitement and motivation to tackle your roadblocks.

  • Root Causes Underneath

    You’ll discover the root causes underneath the challenges you’re experiencing.

  • Insight into Behaviors

    Opportunities to change your behavior to drive the results you want.

  • Opportunities to Grow

    Opportunities to grow your leadership, create stronger team bonds, and build your culture.

“We’ve helped give our managers the confidence they
need to effectively lead. The training also helped bring our
managers together and form stronger bonds as a group.”

chris may

Chris May
Founder & CEO at Quadrant Advisory

Chris May

Chris May

Founder & CEO

Quadrant Advisory
Washington, DC

"Our revenues increased 85% year over year, we have a core management team in place, and we have a new business partner. I’m no longer working 60+ hours a week (stressful hours to boot), and we are now focusing on growth and increasing profit margins."

Marcy Ewald

Marcy Ewald

Co-Founder & COO

Washington, DC

"The tools Human at Scale developed are things we can use time after time. We were able to take one of their frameworks and apply it to a totally different problem and still see results, while teaching the rest of our team do the same!"

Sahil Rahman

Sahil Rahman


Washington, DC

"Personally, I now feel way less stressed. We're making far more progress than before and our working dynamic as a team has gotten stronger. We're moving faster toward our goals—and it feels like we're working in flow, as opposed to in friction."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I schedule this Strategy Session?

This is your opportunity to get answers you’ve been seeking. You get to speak with an expert who will pinpoint the reasons why you’re working so many hours and not seeing growth. You’ll feel relief knowing that solutions are available and that you don’t have to be stuck. You’ll leave the session excited to implement new ideas and see the changes you desire. This is your chance to create a new start for you and your business.

Why is this free?

There are a lot of solutions out there. We take a human-centered approach to leadership development. We want to help you decide if working with us is the right decision for you. This free session helps you get clarity on why you’re stuck, and you get to determine if the solutions we propose are a good fit for you.

What can I expect on the call?

You can expect to gain a whole new perspective on the challenges you’re facing in business. When you’re stuck “in the weeds” it’s hard to see your way out. Often times, what you believe to be the solution, or the root cause of your current challenges, is completely different from what they actually are. We’ll tap into our wealth of experience in start-up and business leadership to show you where your limitations are and help you uncover opportunities for growth that you haven’t seen yet. If we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll offer you a chance to join a select program that we think will be the most beneficial for you and your stage of business.

What types of leaders and businesses do you work with?

We work with founders and leaders within Services and SaaS companies.

What about other types of businesses or teams?

Our work has been effective for in-person, hybrid and fully remote cultures with the following types of businesses: Brick and Mortar, Food and Beverage, Restaurants, Manufacturing and Distribution, Breweries, Delivery Services, Consulting Firms, high-growth Tech Products, Real Estate, and Marketplaces.

Here’s what do next:

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