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How streamlining communications and workflows helped Quadrant Advisory achieve an 85% YoY increase in revenue.

Turning Rapid Growth Into a Sustainable Path Forward.


Quadrant Advisory had a good problem to have: rapid growth.

Between onboarding new clients, growing existing clients, training new employees, managing delivery quality, and reorganizing their operational structure—the team truly was building the plane while flying it. CEO and Founder Chris May was receiving hundreds of emails a day and frequent interruptions from the team, often prioritizing the “urgent” instead of the “important.” His company needed a scalable, well-organized, and proactively-managed operation. And someone to help them make the transition.


To calm the chaos, we focused on team communication and streamlined workflows.

We implemented a new workflow management tool, developed roles and responsibilities, and built a playbook of repeatable processes. We also developed feedback loops between ideation, planning, execution, and iteration to keep everyone on the same page. We worked with the management team on time management and goal setting skills, and created strategies to work through the coronavirus pandemic, including client communications, team communications, and financial strategy.


Quadrant Advisory doubled the size of their staff and increased sales by 30% month over month —even in the midst of the pandemic.

Teams made decisions more quickly and the company has developed a stronger culture of peer accountability. Client delivery is now organized, measurable, and more predictable. And the management team has mechanisms in place to better manage and increase gross profit.

“Our revenues increased 85% year over year, we have a core management team in place, and we have a new business partner. I’m no longer working 60+ hours a week (stressful hours to boot), and we are now focusing on growth and increasing profit margins.”

Chris May

Founder & CEO at Quadrant Advisory

“If you work with [Chase]… and drill down and do the work, then I would tell you there’s no way you will not get results… It’s definitely something that can change your business and change your life.”

Leslie Wish

Senior loan mortgage officer

“If you’re looking for something that will get you accountable, in an environment that is supportive, and with techniques that you’ll be able to apply immediately, then this is the right program for you.”

Stephan Rabier

Life Cycle Operations Director, Remote

“Chase taught me that if you can’t lead your team effectively, their output is capped at your ability. Something needed to change and that something was me and my co-founder.”

Connor Swalm

Co-founder & CEO of Phin Security

“The tools Human At Scale developed are things we can use time after time. We’re able to take a framework and apply it to a totally different problem and still see results. And teach others to do the same.”

Marcy Ewald

COO and Cofounder of ThinkNimble

“I loved Chase’s very clear, methodical, thoughtful process. It’s what I aspire to. I believe a really good structure can help serve as the scaffold to allow myself and my team to be as creative and flexible as possible.”

Zvi Band

Entrepreneur, Camp Social

“Chase is a real-life problem solver. We got real, tangible outcomes and real, actionable advice in a way that is scalable across a team.”

Josh Schwartz

CEO and founder of Pubvendo

“Chase has an incredible ability to take our goals and make them objective and refined.”

Max Friedman

Co-Founder at Givebutter

“Personally, I feel way less stressed. We’re making far more progress than before and our working dynamic as a team has gotten stronger. We’re moving faster toward our goals—and it feels like we’re working in flow, as opposed to in friction.”

Sahil Rahman

Co-Founder at RASA