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How Leslie Wish, the top 1% of residential mortgage loan officers in the US, set up her team for success.

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Leslie is a high-achiever who built her career on getting things done.

Leslie has been working in the mortgage industry for 35 years. Having navigated different real estate markets and loan situations, she always knows how to get things done. At the same time—Leslie was working 50-60 hours per week for most of her career. She recently built a team around her, yet her workload had not fully transitioned to her team.


We focused on driving results through data and an operating system geared toward customer value.

We defined and measured the critical success metrics important to the team and customers in Leslie’s industry. Keeping the end in mind, our strategy evolved over time as we learned about the unique strengths of the team. We clarified roles and responsibilities and implemented a meeting operating rhythm. We created a new process to add more value to prospective customers. Finally, we trained Leslie’s team to operate this system autonomously—without continuous coaching.


The team improved two critical success metrics—plus, Leslie reduced her workload.

The team doubled their customer response rate—a leading indicator to closing new business. The team also doubled their loan production volume in a challenging real estate market with high interest rates. The team is happier, and customers are happier. Most importantly: Leslie reduced her working hours by 50%. No longer working nights and weekends, she had a business operating system that delivered results with peace of mind.

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How Leslie Doubled Team Effectiveness and Gained Back Her Time

“If you work with [Chase]… and drill down and do the work, then I would tell you there’s no way you will not get results… It’s definitely something that can change your business and change your life.”

Leslie Wish

Leslie Wish


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