Finding the Ingredients for Healthy Growth

How the right management structure helped RASA expand locations, gain a clear vision of their future, and grow their bottom line.

Quadrant Advisory


Rahul & Sahil were on the cusp of converting from a solo small-time restaurant into a leading fast casual Indian chain.

They were stressed and overwhelmed, which resulted in a strained relationship, and were seeking a structure to scale their operations.


The Partner Reconnect helped the founders rebuild their strained relationship.

The Autonomous Teams System helped them develop the organizational structure, hire new roles and optimize their metrics. The Vision Alignment Experience helped them align to and communicate their north star and create a path for repeatable, scalable growth.


RASA raised a 7-figure Series A and scaled from one to five retail locations.

They recruited a high-profile board member, hired a VP of Operations and improved their financial performance. The co-founders each saved 20 hours per week “out of the weeds” and enjoy taking more time off from their business.

Case Study Video Cover

How Co-Founders Sahil
And Rahul Stepped Out
Of The Day-To-Day
And Scaled Their Brand

“Personally, I feel way less stressed. We’re making far more progress than before and our working dynamic as a team has gotten stronger. We’re moving faster toward our goals—and it feels like we’re working in flow, as opposed to in friction.”

Sahil Rahman

Sahil Rahman

Co-Founder at RASA

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