Proactive team communication in an async culture

Making business decisions through proven conversation frameworks.

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Stephan is an experienced operations manager who recently began leading an internationally-based team.

It was important that in this new role to not get bogged down in operational tasks and have ample time for strategic thinking. He was looking for a course that would provide a new take on leadership—one that would challenge him to think fresh on leadership capabilities and people management skills. It was also important to Stephan that the course be highly practical with evidence-based outcomes.


Stephan enrolled in the Leading At Scale—The 8-Week Playbook to Improve Communication, Better Engage Your Team & Save 10+ Hours Per Week.

Each module provided a new leadership model that he could apply and implement immediately. Working on a different skill each week, and being prepared to have a conversation with his team regarding that skill, allowed him to drive forward new ideas and business decisions. For Stephan, being able to see results immediately was “very gratifying.”


Leading At Scale helped Stephan create a daily routine that is less reactive and ensures that he spends more time on providing strategic direction.

Through the conversation model taught in the course, he was able to deepen a relationship with a team member such that they were comfortable sharing some valuable feedback regarding his leadership style. Stephan was able to make changes to his management approach that same day, resulting in his team member feeling heard and happy that they had the conversation. In addition, he was able to successfully conduct conversations asynchronously with team members based in very different time zones.

Case Study Stephen Rabier

How Stephan Shifted
into Proactive

“If you’re looking for something that will get you accountable,
in an environment that is supportive, and with techniques that you’ll be able
to apply immediately, then this is the right program for you.”

Stephan Rabier

Stephan Rabier

Life Cycle Operations Director, Remote

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