Creating processes that turn chaos into confidence.

How successful entrepreneur Zvi Band used processes and tools to execute
and grow his multiple businesses.

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After successfully founding, growing, and executing multiple businesses, Zvi Band was once again starting a new entrepreneurial journey.

He found himself overwhelmed with too many possible paths and too many decisions. Drowning in notes (what he described as an ever-increasing pile of junk) and struggling to track them all, he was stuck in decision paralysis. What if he missed something? Or what if he focused on the wrong thing? Zvi knew he needed help, he just didn’t know what that help looked like.


We started by diagnosing the most important issues. And as simple as it sounds, his to-do list was front and center.

So together, we mapped out the long-term vision for his multiple companies, short term goals, resources, roles and responsibilities, and team members’ strengths and weaknesses. We looked at time management, calendar management, email systems, and where his executive assistant played a role. After seeing where the biggest pain points were, we were able to put processes and systems in place that helped Zvi go from the abstract to the highly tactical and actionable.


Zvi now has a high level of confidence when he sits down to create his to-do list for the day, knowing exactly how to prioritize the most important items.

That, and his end of day wrap-up process have alleviated a lot of his anxiety. He also has a number of tools to help him work more effectively with his teams. Zvi is moving the business forward, making progress with projects, and accomplishing more each day. The confidence he’s gained about where his business is going motivates and inspires his team—and he’s now better equipped to lead them through the change.

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How Zvi Reallocated
His Time To Successfully
Create His Vision

“I loved Chase’s very clear, methodical, thoughtful process. It’s what I aspire to. I believe a really good structure can help serve as the scaffold to allow myself and my team to be as creative and flexible as possible.”

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