Growing his business by first growing himself.

How coaching paid big dividends for Connor Swalm’s business and team.

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Phin Security works with back-office IT companies to provide cyber security to thousands of businesses.

The small company was growing rapidly, and Connor Swalm, co-founder and CEO, had hit a point where he could no longer understand all the problems they were facing. Even if he could identify them, he didn’t know how to solve them—or get ahead of them. Connor recognized that in order to grow his business, he needed to make some big changes—and that started with changing himself.


Connor enrolled in the Beyond 7-Figures Leadership Mastermind (formerly Human at Scale Academy) for coaching and peer support.

There, he was able to bring his struggles to the group, talk through them, and bounce solutions off his coach and peers in weekly mentoring calls. This helped him articulate his problems and understand the best ways to solve them. Those calls with the community, plus frequent workshops for training and skill building, along with a deep library of content, frameworks and worksheets, helped Connor become more organized, develop new leadership skills, and learn how to nurture those skills in his team.


Connor and his partner set three goals for the company: increase revenue growth, increase number of partners, and increase headcount.

Not only did they surpass all three ahead of schedule, they raised—and achieved—their revenue goals three times in a single year. They also increased their partner count goal, which they blew past, and they exceeded their headcount goal as well. A set of shared frameworks and processes, along with better leadership, led to more efficient and confident decision making. It’s now full speed ahead for Phin Security, and Connor, his partners, and team are ready for whatever challenges they’ll encounter.

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Exceeding Expectations: How Phin Security Crushed Company Goals Ahead of Schedule

“Chase taught me that if you can’t lead your team effectively, their output is capped at your ability. Something needed to change and that something was me and my co-founder.”

Connor Swalm

Connor Swalm

Co-founder and CEO of Phin Security

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