Building skills and gaining strength through coaching.

How a regular coaching practice gave ThinkNimble the tools to make more confident decisions and grow more than 4X in size.



ThinkNimble builds web and mobile apps for startups and nonprofits that lack the time or talent to manage a full technical team.

After growing their revenue from $1 million to $5 million in less than three years, the three co-founders sensed some pending misalignment about where the company should go from there. They wanted frameworks, systems, and tools that would enable them to communicate more effectively, so they could make decisions and move the business forward. They felt a coaching practice was the best way to achieve that.


We set up weekly coaching sessions where we dug deep into current problems and found tools and frameworks to address them.

The more practice the ThinkNimble team had using these frameworks, the more they were able to apply them to address a host of issues within the company. Cofounder and COO Mary Ewald compares their coaching from Human at Scale to a fitness training practice. “What made it so effective was the regularity of it,” she says, adding that, in the gym, if you wait until you’re out of shape and can’t catch your breath, it’s a lot harder to get in shape. “Our coaching happened every week, so I set aside time and prepared for it. Over time, we built on our skills and got better and better.”


Now when the company has problems or challenges to solve, they can quickly level set on what they think the issues are, make decisions, and move forward.

They’re able to prioritize what’s most important, honing in on how to spend their time for the greatest impact. This allows them to be selective about where leadership should be involved, while providing the same skill sets to help team members address issues and make decisions. This new approach has allowed them to make faster and better decisions, and grow the company fourfold since starting their coaching practice.

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“The tools Human At Scale developed are things we can use time after time. We’re able to take a framework and apply it to a totally different problem and still see results. And teach others to do the same.”

Marcy Ewald

Marcy Ewald

COO and Cofounder of ThinkNimble

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