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How Amplify your Time helped Pubvendo free up time to take on more projects
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Josh Schwartz, CEO and founder of digital marketing agency Pubvendo, was maxed out.

He and his team were working 60-70 hours a week, yet they’d hit a bottleneck in capacity and growth. He couldn’t answer any more emails or make any more phone calls in what were already long days, and he knew he couldn’t grow the business unless things changed. Josh came to Human at Scale looking for a way to double the company’s workload, and thus revenue and profitability, by reclaiming time in his day and week.


Josh signed up for Leading At Scale, a cohort course designed to help leaders get out of the day-to-day weeds and start scaling up their teams.

He liked the structure of the program, and how it had actionable materials and templates with plenty of guidance on how to move through them. Josh found the goal setting template especially powerful, along with the exercise to create his ideal weekly calendar. He also went through the exercise of describing what the problem was, what the blockers were to solving it, what resources he’d need to solve it, and what resources he’d need to empower his team to also solve problems. “These are things that seem so obvious after you’ve done them, but in five years I hadn’t thought to do them.”


Since completing the program, Pubvendo has successfully doubled their workload and revenue for five months in a row.

Actionable exercises helped Josh declutter the way he viewed challenges he was trying to solve, weed out his inbox and calendar, and reclaim time in his day and week. He identified the three most important goals for his business—revenue growth, service delivery, and team culture. Now, if something isn’t related to those, it gets moved off his to-do list, or delegated to someone else.
Pubvendo’s numbers attest to the program’s effectiveness. Amplify Your Time helped the company turn a four-figure investment into a six-figure return.

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How Josh Created A
6-Figure Return On
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“Chase is a real-life problem solver. We got real, tangible outcomes and real, actionable advice in a way that is scalable across a team.”

Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz

CEO and founder of Pubvendo

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